About Us

About Us

15 Years PV experiences

Q-Tac Solar has had a distinguished 15-year career in the photovoltaic industry, showcasing profound knowledge and expertise.

Driven by a passion for creating environmentally friendly solutions for agricultural land, the team explored options, finding existing market solutions lacking true sustainability. As investors and landowners, Q-Tac Solar team aspired to discover an environmentally beneficial solution with significant returns.

Fueled by relentless innovation, over the past three years, the Q-Tac Solar team integrated expertise, dedication, and a shared commitment to redefine solar agriculture. The result is the Q-tac Solar Agricultural Photovoltaic Construction System, a comprehensive solution combining environmental consciousness with outstanding cost-effectiveness.


Our mission and Vission


The mission of the Q-TAC is to provide an efficient support structure for the solar system and maximize the performance of the solar panel.We ensure optimal installation for full solar energy use. Globally, we offer adaptive solutions for diverse clean energy needs.


Q-TAC boosts clean energy, optimizing solar performance and reducing reliance on conventional sources. Our design captures maximal energy in diverse conditions. Sustainability is key; we use eco-friendly materials, cut carbon footprints, and champion renewable energy. Innovation is our drive, using advanced engineering for efficiency and reliability. Our solutions adapt globally, catering to diverse climates and meeting clean energy demands worldwide.


Agricultural photovoltaic bracket project

We are seeking both European and global partners who share our commitment to agricultural photovoltaics. If you are in need of reliable partners, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Years of Experience

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Our visionary founder Stephan has a distinguished 15-year career in the photovoltaic industry, demonstrating his profound knowledge and expertise.