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Q-tac Solar PV Parks Project

Cutting-edge technology converges with eco-friendly solutions, ensuring cost-effective energy production.

Q-Tac Solar Agrivoltaics

Agrivoltaics construction system

Q-tac Solar’s Agrivoltacis construction system strikes the perfect balance, allowing seamless cultivation while embracing cutting-edge design for unparalleled economic benefits. Elevate your harvests and profits with this environmentally conscious and highly efficient solution, redefining the future of sustainable agriculture.


1.8 MW/Hectare Agrivoltaics Solution

The Q-TAC SOLAR agrivoltaics installation system maximizes land use for crop cultivation while efficiently and economically generating energy.

Maximizing Land Agricultural Usage till
1.8 MW/Hectare efficiency higher than competitors
Increase Annual land revenues

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Are you troubled by the lack of a good construction system solution for your Agri PV project?


Crafted over the years by agricultural PV experts specifically for farmers

Agricultural photovoltaic supports bring new income to farmers, foster sustainable agriculture and clean energy, and positively impact rural economies and the environment.

Maximazing Agricultural Land Usage

Significantly Increase Farmers' Income

Flexibility For Farmers

Almost No Limitations

Ideal For Growing Fruit

Diverse Agricultural Applications

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What we do

Q-tac Solar offers complete solutions, EPC services, and solar park investments, ensuring lasting success for our clients throughout the project lifecycle.

Agricultural photovoltaic

Agricultural photovoltaic

Q-tac Solar systems combine farming and solar energy, promoting sustainability for agriculture and energy solutions.

PV Parks Solutions

PV Parks Solutions

Q-tac Solar excels in PV park solutions, delivering comprehensive services for sustained project success.

PV Parks Investment

PV Parks Investment

Q-tac Solar drives PV parks investment, providing strategic funding solutions for sustainable and profitable solar ventures.

Our Projects

Project We Have Done

Q-tac Solar’s photovoltaic project shines in technology, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and innovation. Their impressive track record sets the stage for future breakthroughs, making them a standout force in solar energy initiatives.

10,6 Mwp

10,6 Mwp

Cronheim Germany

12,75 Mwp

12,75 Mwp

Meinheim Germany

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